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    • Fan Xiao fat gets thinner thanks to her boyfriend as a judge
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    • Fan Bingbing praises Sophia Coppola for the 70th Cannes Film Festival
    • Li Qiang presents surprise for Du Kefeng and talks about Fan Bingbing: the award is recognition
    • Deng Chaoyu at Cannes Red Carpet: Bringing Tujia Culture to the World
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    • Indifferent or sought after? Chinese movies struggling in the world market
    • Qin Lan reveals her lazy future and returns to the role of actor
    • Zhang Jizhong Appears at Sino-French Cultural Exchange Conference: Lack of Creation of Chinese Films
    • Gao Xixi: Belt and Road International Film Week accelerates cultural exchanges between East and West
    • Guan Xiaotong is confident that he usually wears more beautiful taboos like this!
    • Fan Bingbing Cannes Fun Chinese Style Long Dress
    • Cannes Film Festival's Red and Black List "Passing the Future"
    • Qin Hailu frankly dare not watch "White Deer Plain" and enjoy spending time with her husband
    • Fan Bingbing wears new shirt and red carpet tube top and red skirt
    • Liu Wen Slim Red Dress Shows Nine-Headed Red Carpet Selling Mengxiu Scissors Hands
    • Yin Yun: I was thrilled to see "Passing the Future" for the first time
    • Cannes 70th Anniversary Red Carpet Meets Chinese Actress Shu Qi Fan Bingbing Bimei
    • Shu Qi with a beautiful yellow sexy back goddess walks out of a girly sense
    • Fan Bingbing Smith at the Cannes 70th Anniversary Red Carpet Show
    • Guan Xiaotong's Cannes red carpet debut show princess skirt can't cover long legs
    • Qin Hailu, Yan Yikuan, red carpet, handsome man, beautiful girl, playing selfie
    • Liu Wen's sexy V show with deep V outfit shows strong coverage
    • Fan Bingbing's long shawl appeared in the movie showing a white veil
    • Victoria ’s secret supermodel reveals secrets of life
    • Li Ruizhang: Yang Zishan's "Passing the Future" is 20 pounds thin
    • Jing Bairan first talked about the topic of marriage, fancy pet fans are so sweet
    • Yang Zishan's "Passing the Future" acting scene in tears was praised by her husband
    • Who is Fan Bingbing? Fan Ye in the eyes of foreigners is actually very unconscious
    • Yang Yang Cannes red carpet awkward pose is more loving than heart fans
    • Jing Bairan short hair style landing in Cannes handsome suit conquers the red carpet
    • 70th Cannes: Qin Hailu appeared at the airport and set off in Cannes with ease
    • "Passing the Future" debut on the red carpet Yang Zishan's black dress is as thin as a cicada
    • Xi Mengyao conquers the Cannes red carpet open-back dress show sexy
    • Zhang Yi revealed that on the red carpet, he had thought of giving up his acting career.
    • At the airport: Yang Yang landed in Cannes smiling all the time
    • Rihanna at the Cannes Red Carpet Show
    • Li Yuchun red carpet dress up high fork cheongsam to wear new fashion
    • Father and son to cooperate? Hong Tianming Invited Hong Jinbao: Cheaper
    • Zhang Yi appeared in the forum: Cannes guide is very serious
    • Yang Yang set off for the 70th Cannes Film Festival
    • Wang Zhiwen criticizes unprofessional actors: please be prepared to come again
    • Li Yuchun first talks about the embarrassing self-deprecation of Cannes red carpet
    • Can she be the Queen of the Red Carpet Cannes this year? Internet celebrities fight together
    • "The Longest Shot" First Exposure Trailer Wang Zhiwen's Filming Left "Sequelae"
    • Thinking or ugly? Li Yuchun handsome to explode Wang Luodan deep V embarrassing
    • Fan Bingbing's sudden change of style in Cannes red carpet
    • Li Yuchun shorts plus beautiful legs wearing a bowler hat resembles a magician
    • More than one side of Kung Fu actress Michelle Yeoh shows chivalrous tenderness
    • Yang Zishan's red carpet looks low-key and unique like a girl next door
    • High energy ahead! Sammo Hung's red carpet looks like a big guy
    • Cannes red carpet strike: the jury lineup is powerful
    • In a red shirt, Julian Moore defeated the Quartet
    • Single Wang please close your eyes with Brodie and his girlfriend on the red carpet show affection
    • The 70th Cannes Film Festival is about to open
    • Fan Bingbing Smith's first dinner at the 70th Cannes Jury
    • Airport strike: Fan Bingbing landing in Cannes black super striped shirt is elegant
    • Li Yuchun Airport strikes: You are here! "Grandma Grey" is handsome and pressing
    • Yang Zishan Arrives in Cannes
    • What are the best tips for Cannes? When the judges take the red carpet to participate in the remote draft
    • Cancel for the first time three times in the first session of Cannes for 70 years
    • Li Yuchun confirmed to attend the opening ceremony of the 70th Cannes Film Festival
    • 2017 Cannes Advance Forecast First Bomb: Who Will Kill the Encirclement and Celebrate the 70th Birthday
    • Li Chenshou as a director is a bit difficult to bless Bingbing Cannes
    • Shortlist for the 70th Cannes Film Festival
    • Fan Bingbing is invited to judge at the Cannes International Film Festival
    • Fan Bingbing, Cannes main competition judge: deeply honoured but under pressure
    • Cannes Film Festival by-election list announces Chinese movie "Passing the Future" selected
    • Cannes producers list announced, Xu Fan encourages young filmmakers
    • Li Chen exposure Baby fight so scary hope Fan Bingbing Cannes learn more about learning
    • Cannes Film Festival announces four finalists for single Nicole Kidman
    • At the end of the appointment, Cannes is determined to be in Cana
    • Li Chen, Fan Bingbing, Cannes judges playfully shout: Good judges

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    Chairman of the jury: Pedro Almodovar
    Identity: A well-known Spanish film director and screenwriter. He has won the Best Director Award at the 52nd Cannes Film Festival and the Best Director at the 53rd British Academy Awards.

    Awards Winners list Awards Winners list
    Best movie "Liberty Square" Ruben Osterlund (Sweden) Jury Award "120 Beats Per Minute" Robin Campillo (France)
    Jury Award "No Love to Tell" Andrei Sarkinsev (Russia) Best director Sophia Coppola, Under the Peony (USA)
    Best Screenplay Lynn Ramsay, You Have Never Been Here (USA) Best Screenplay Orgs-Lansmos
    Best Screenplay Eximus Felipe, Death of the Stag (UK) Best Actress Diane Kruger, Out of Nowhere (Germany)
    Best Actor Jacques Phoenix "You've Never Been Here" (USA) Best debut golden camera Young Women Leonor Seraille (France)
    Best Short Film Golden Palm "Little Town February" Qiu Yang (China) Best Short Film Jury Award Ceiling Teppo Airaksinen (Finland)
    "A Concern" Award The Lie Mohamed Rasolov (Iran) "A Focus" Best Director "Wind Valley" by Taylor Sheridan (USA)
    "A Focus" Best Performance Eye-opening (France) "A Concern" Film Poetic Award Barbara Matthew Amarique (France)
    70th Anniversary Special Award Nicole Kidman

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